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Monday, March 01, 2021

Swadesh Investment Management Limited

a Pioneer Merchant Bank

Swadesh Investment Management Limited is one of the largest investment bank/merchant bank and fastest growing financial institution in Bangladesh.

SIML is an entrepreneurial company that prides itself on its speed of through and action. Its ability to make decisions quickly and efficiently and to generate value as an agent and executor sets it apart from all other investment banks and financial institutions in Bangladesh. The company's strategy is to focus on Bangladesh and to develop a truly global distribution network through the major investment institutions abroad.

SIML is dedicated to provide a high level of professional and personalized service to its domestic and international clients.

Preferential treatment and superior service to clients is what the company believes to be its ultimate goal.

As a full-service investment bank, SIML offers public issue management, portfolio management, merger & acquisition, joint venture, corporate finance advice, securities dealing, research and underwriting capabilities in the financial markets of Bangladesh.

SIML also offers capital market fund-raising expertise which is supported by a global distribution network.

The company's strong business contacts provide it with unrivalled access to investment opportunities for multi-national and local companies seeking sound and properly financed business projects in Bangladesh.

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"If you believe you or anyone else has a system that can predict the future of the stock market, the joke is on you."

- Ralph Wanger
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