Friday, January 15, 2021

SERVICES: Corporate Advisory

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Corporate Advisory

There are many reasons why a business may find itself facing financial difficulties and needing to rapidly improve performance. Contributing factors can trigger a host of underperformance issues including declining earnings, liquidity and cash flow concerns, and stakeholder pressure. Left unchecked, the results can be serious and, sometimes, irreversible.

Companies often exhibit symptoms of decline well before a crisis erupts. In many cases, a downward financial spiral is not inevitable. In fact, it can be arrested and reversed. Early detection and swift, decisive action are key to restoring and improving performance and value. That's why our trusted business advisors work in partnership with diverse stakeholders including corporate management, financial institutions, bondholders, shareholders, governments, regulatory bodies and employees to identify financial and operational countermeasures and implement focused and realistic strategies. Our services include:

Investment Advisers:

  • Analysis of the financial and technical structure of the Issuer Company.
  • Preparation of Feasibility Study Report for a green field project or for the expansion/ BMRE of existing project.
  • Determination of capital structure and the means of finance thereof.
  • Determination of Issue size.
  • Recommend the existing sponsors for further participation commensurable to the cost of the project.
  • Recommend the means of issues, e.g., by way of issuing new ordinary shares, or issuing right shares, or issuing debentures, etc.
  • Determination of the size of public offering and offer for subscription through Pre-IPO private placement arrangement.
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