Friday, January 15, 2021

SERVICES: Loan Syndication

Swadesh Investment Management Limited

Loan Syndication

The process of involving several different lenders is providing various portions of a loan. Mainly used in extremely large loan situations, syndication allows any one lender to provide a large loan while maintaining a more prudent and manageable credit exposure because the lender isn't the only creditor.

Our approach is to understand our clients' businesses and facilitate funding requirements through the optimal mix of equity, quasi-equity and debt. Our services include:

  • Equity Syndication: venture capital, private equity, Pre-IPO placements.
  • Structured Syndication: mezzanine financing, securitization.
  • Special Situations: recapitalization, debt swaps, restructuring.
  • Debt Syndication: project finance, structured finance.

Project Finance

SIML plays a vital role in arranging finance for a project and formulate the entire financing strategy for the given project, taking into consideration the working capital guidelines and debt-equity laid down by financial institutions and requirements of stock exchanges. SIML negotiate with financial institutions for loans and look after the all procedure for mobilizing deposits. SIML also strive to obtain his clients for maximum tax rebates, concessions, and investment and depreciation allowances as available under existing tax laws and promotional schemes of the financial institutions and different government authorities.



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