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Portfolio Management

SIML Portfolio Management service is designed to provide personalized, secure and simple financial solutions for local and foreign investors who wish to enhance their opportunities while minimizing their administrative burden. SIML undertakes to administer your investments and consult with you and/or your nominated advisors and agents as required.

SIML goal is to help you meet your agreed objectives, taking into account such factors as capital growth, cash flow and security.

Under SIML Portfolio Management services as a client you retain full discretion over all financial decisions while we administer and manage all investment documentation, collect investment income, act as custodian for your assets (but without physical control), provide a dedicated Client Service Officer, issue quarterly statements and last of all we provide loan facilities to our portfolio account holder at a very competitive rate.

‘Cap Invest’. We are capable of executing proper and efficient trades through our strategically allied brokerage firms.

For Our previous experience, we have all the resources of our firm to build productive partnerships with our corporate clients and good relationship with our Local and Foreign Investor.
Our superior product & services are tailored to secure your financial future.

Our financial profile of each customer takes personal service to new heights. At every stage of your life, we offer counseling information and creative solutions to help you achieve your goals. We offer tools to build your investment Portfolio, Risk Exposure---only.

The level with which you are comfortable.

Personal Investment Profiling

The risk evaluation will help you gauge the level of risk that you can comfortable with in the order to meet your investment objectives. The first step towards investing is assessing your risk appetite to do this. We can raise a question, for what and when do you need money?

What stage of life you are currently in and why your investment time horizon is so important.

Then we will complete a risk evaluator which compotes your personal risk profile score. Finally we will offer a range of Portfolios that produce optimal returns for your risk profile.

The arrow below places your personal investment profile score on the risk scale and identifies your risk category below, each risk category is a pie chart identifying a suggested asset allocation and details description of each risk category.

Capital Preservation:


This is portfolio for investors with a timeframe which is less then 2 years; it is also for investors, who have a very low tolerance for risk and who do not wish to experiment any market volatility.

Conservative Income:


This is a portfolio for investors with a timeframe of less than 5 years. It is suitable for investors who want to reserve a steady income flow. It is also for the investor who is willing to take on a moderate amount of risk.



The timeframe for this portfolio is between 5 to 10 years. It is for the investor who wants capital appreciation and who doesn’t want to receive and immediate income. The associated risk to this portfolio is average.

Wealth Builders:


This is for long term investors, with a time horizon of about 10 years. It is also suitable portfolio for investors who are looking for capital appreciation. Building wealth over the long term is more important than current income in the short term.

Aggressive Growth:


This portfolio suits investors with a long-term time horizon and with a high tolerance for risk. This investor is willing to accept a high-degree of short term volatility in exchange for higher returns over the long term.

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