Friday, January 15, 2021

SERVICES: Underwriting

Swadesh Investment Management Limited


Underwriting is a Guarantee. An underwriter who agrees to take up shares specified in the Underwriting Agreement if the public fail to subscribe for that issue. Merchant Banks are permitted to underwrite an issue subject to the limit that the outstanding commitments of any point of time to not exceed five times of his net worth. SIML providing underwriting service offers comfort to the issuing company. Apart from acting as underwriter to public issue, we also act as the Arranger of Underwriting.

  • Verification of the Feasibility Study Report.
  • Verification of the capital base and the size of the issue.
  • Substantiate the Draft Prospectus and the contents thereof.
  • Finalization of the size of underwriting participation and confer firm commitment.
  • Attaining to a Contract with the Issuer Company.
  • Giving Due Diligence Certificate to the SEC on the IPO
  • Participation at the take-up procedure of the securities undersubscribed, if any


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